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Artist Name: King K


Kwasi Poku Akontoh AKA King K is the founder of King K Records. King K has a BA degree in Dramatic Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand. This degree has given him the understanding of the performing arts which has assisted him in the creation of his music.

King K was born in the city of Accra Ghana. Due to the great depression in Ghana during the periods of the 80’s his family migrated to Swaziland and later on to South Africa. The move occurred during the harsh time of apartheid in South Africa.

Once settling in south Africa his family naturalised and he became a South African Citizen. King K’s influence in music came in the early 90’s with Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG taking the forefront in the music industry. King K mixed with the locals while using the Nick Name MC Brown, this was because his influence then was MC hammer and Bobby Brown. He performed at local clubs within the area while freestyling on a variety of beats.

King K has performed alongside the R&B legend “Moca” from Polokwane who has won major awards Such as the Metro FM award and many others. His life bringing has been with confusion whereby he ran from home once due to conflicts arising between him and his father. During that period, he learned a lot from the locals and this is what has inspired and influenced his music.

When you listen to king K’s music you can reference the sound with that of 50 Cent as it contains a lot of street influence and hustle. “Survival in the jungle is for the fittest“, this is one of his life motos. Since King K Released his EP ” Trilogy”, he has managed to receive airplay rotation on community radio stations such as Alex FM with great reviews on tracks including “Love Song”, Give me a Toast” and “she Know It”. This EP has built up to his album “Kurupt Republic-Trilogy 1”. The album has hit songs like ‘Fire”, “Come Home”, “Rari” and many more.

The Journey continues for King K as the unique sound created by his great producer EA from EA Records will set the world ablaze as it is commonly said, “when the time is right you will never look back”.